Become the author of acclaimed tracks, enjoy every moment of being an artist and show that potential to the whole world.

Collins Music Club is the rhythmic laboratory of musical nuances. Various melodies are tested and manufactured. Each beat is performed from the heart, as if each NFT song represents a different and unique feeling.

The compositional experiences are the result of several years of involvement in the best timeless art, which in the end end up shaping the deepest feelings. We are known for creating the collections: Hype Loop, Lunar Music, Guitar Pick and Collins Animals.

The newest release of Collins Music Club studio is to promote access to albums where they can be authentically acquired by becoming the producer and having all rights to use them in concerts.

For that, just choose your musical style and decide the amount of music that your album will have, so the Collins studio will do all the instrumental production work and make it available in NFT format.

For more information contact via email